Our Pastor

Pastor Phillip Rawls

Throughout Pastor Rawls life and ministry, God continues to show Himself as the Lord of all flesh and demonstrates to and through Pastor Rawls that there is nothing too hard for Him. This is especially evidenced in the establishment of The Freedom Church, where Phillip Rawls serves as the Senior Pastor. The ministry was established in June 2010 by Pastor Rawls. Deeply rooted in biblical principles, the church’s branches extend beyond its four walls and touch the community through monthly outreaches.

Pastor Rawls has many years of ministry experience as an administrator, speaker, preacher, and teacher. He has ministered before numerous congregations at youth conferences, singles’ ministry events, and seminars on a variety of topics. He serves as a unique mouthpiece for the Word of God and is anointed to speak God’s Word to this generation.

Pastor Rawls is passionate about breaking down walls of religion and denominationalism and strives to create a church consisting of individuals from diverse races, cultures, and backgrounds who join together for the common purpose of worshipping God. Pastor Phillip Rawls humbly serves God and his community through the ministries he has established through the city of Jacksonville. His fresh and inspiring messages tackle such issues as personal crisis, emotions, relationships, spiritual growth and fellowship through the Holy Spirit. Pastor Rawls dynamic style of preaching and teaching demonstrates a keen awareness of people’s needs by providing practical biblical truths for everyday life.